For all USA and CANADA jurisdictions... and most global jurisdictions.


    For each property you enter into your personal on-device database... calculate, evaluate, and report the following:

    CASH FLOW - Dynamic Scenario Testing

    Repeatedly test for positive cash flow as you add and modify information to develop your analysis:

    • Define your custom comfort threshold for acceptable monthly cash flow.
    • Add and update information for revenue and expenses and instantly see the effect on cash flow.
    • Start with key data, and then continue testing cash flow as you add detail to ensure your complete understanding of the investment opportunity.

    FUTURE VALUE and RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) - Dynamic Scenario Testing

    You can quickly and easily project the estimated future value of your investment property in three comparable and adjustable scenarios using:

    • Current CAP rate
    • Target CAP rate
    • Appreciation rate
    • Annual allowable/expected rent increases
    • Projected fees and taxes
    • Capital gains treatment
    • Inflation impact on annual expenses over the projected period of ownership

    REPORTS - 6 key performance and projection reports to view, print, or email:

    • Viability Summary (with Key Performance Indicators)
    • Purchase Report (detailed transaction record)
    • Detailed Profit/Loss Statement (useful at tax time)
    • Valuation Projection and Future Sales Analysis (future value range analysis)
    • Self/Partners Performance Report (detailed record of the investment and return projection)
    • Mortgage Payment Alternatives (manage the cost of debt)

    OWNERSHIP - analyze and report as an INDIVIDUAL investor or for multiple PARTNERS:

    • Partnership reporting provides detailed pro rata line items for all obligations, revenues, expenses, and returns.

    COMPARATIVE CURRENCY - dual currency reporting available for all reports:

    • Set a global exchange rate for an alternate currency of your choosing for dual reporting purposes.

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